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I’ve traveled the world fighting for my country with a simple fundamental belief based on good vs. evil. The horrors I’ve witnessed are the stark reality of what we face today as a society. These injustices are no longer what we only see in far-off places. They are taking place every day in our country and have become the “new norm.” I’ve dedicated the past thirty years serving folks around the world as an outsider, fighting for folks I have never met before. I treat those I am tasked with defending, helping, or supporting as if they are part of my family. No line on a politically drawn map will change this. I want to continue that commitment by fighting for the people of Texas (TX-33) as a member of Congress. Our political system is no longer what our founding fathers intended, and this can only be fixed at the hands of people willing to fight the good fight. A duty that will require courage, strength of character, and the fortitude to take a stand against the broken establishment. To make a donation to my campaign go to:

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